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About QCAS

The Quality Care Approval Scheme (QCAS) is a community interest company. This means we are a social enterprise that has been set up and run for the benefit of the community.

Personal Assistants (Independent Carers) are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), so QCAS was created to set the standards of quality and safety for all Personal Assistants.

QCAS' unique approval scheme is underpinned by the values and high expectations of individuals that work in care.

Our Mission

Enable communities and councils to access Independent Personal Assistants with safety and quality

Our Vision

To empower every person who needs care with the assurance and confidence that their Independent Personal Assistant meets the high standards through QCAS approval.

Our CARES Values:

Commitment to always uphold the highest standards in care

Accountability by building and holding the trust of all who rely on our services,

Respect for the wants and needs of those who both receive and deliver care

Empathy by leading with kindness and compassion

Simplicity by making QCAS clear and accessible for all

Who Benefits?

QCAS is in place to support all those involved in care.

From Personal Assistants to their Service Users, from Families to Charities, from Introduction Services to Local Councils. QCAS approval delivers total peace of mind.

QCAS enabling communities and councils to access the Independant Personal Assistant workforce safety and confidence.

Becoming a member

Demonstrate your commitment to providing quality care and receive the many benefits that come with QCAS approval.

Becoming a member of QCAS is straightforward and our team will support you all the way.

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Powered by donations to empower those in need of care

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are a social enterprise that has been set up and run for the benefit of the community. We rely on donations to further improve and grow the service across the UK and strive to ensure as many people as possible are able to access the high-quality care they deserve.