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Local Authorities and commissioners

Enabling Local Authorities and commissioners to access to the rapidly growing 'Independent Personal Assistant' work force safely.

Local authorities across the country are facing increasing demand for care services at a time of acute financial pressure.

The current infrastructure of domiciliary care providers are simply unable to meet this growing demand and with the care crisis predicted to only worsen a solution must be found elsewhere.

There is a solution. Not only a solution but revolution that brings the changes that the care sector desperately needs.

  • Ethical income for care workers
  • Large cost savings for Local authorities
  • Far higher satisfaction for both 'Care Receiver' and 'Care Provider'
  • Choice and control for all

This is a workforce that empowers communities to work together to make real and lasting change.

The solution comes with Independent Personal Assistants.

Accessing the workforce safely

Local Authorities and commissioners have a responsibility to ensure that care recipients receive support that is safe, sustainable and high quality. QCAS enables councils to access the Independent Personal Assistant workforce with confidence


Unfortunately the sector and the internet is rife with myths and misinformation about self-employed Personal Assistants.

“Personal Assistants cannot provide personal care” - This in untrue, personal care is a regulated task, however CQC have applied written exemptions for Personal Assistants to allow them to provide personal care

“Personal Assistants cannot be self-employed” this is untrue. All self-employed people must provide services in line with HMRCs guidance, this guidance does not prevent an individual providing health and social care support.

“Personal Assistants are risky” this is untrue. Personal Assistants are not put under the same high pressures that often result in poor care, corner cutting and risk. QCAS sets the standards of quality and safety that QCAS approved Personal Assistants conform to.

Enabling Local Authorities and commissioners to access Independent Personal Assistants workforce safely

QCAS evolved from a scheme created by a progressive local authority in 2013. The goal was to enable direct payment recipients to access safe, quality support from the local Independent Personal Assistant workforce.

At its heart QCAS has always worked hand in hand with local authorities raising standards of care and introducing safeguards for all involved with direct payments.

  • Access the rapidly growing Personal Assistant workforce
  • Make large cost savings
  • Rest assured in the quality of QCAS approved Personal Assistants
  • Improve satisfaction and wellbeing of care receivers
  • Promote ethical earning for care providers

Adopt QCAS as your benchmark of quality and safety

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